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Wizards Party
Turn your home into Wizards School with a Dave's Cast of Characters' Wizard Party. This is a party with games and activities centered on a wizardly theme with a generic wizard/witch motif. Appropriate decorations to create the illusion are provided with the party. We begin with the introduction of a Wizard or a Witch, who enter to the song "Monster Mash" and go into a song with the group. Wizard or a Witch teach either "Five Little Pumpkins" or "Time Warp" (from Rocky Horror Picture Show), depending on the age of the children.

This is followed by a series of group activities, including:
  • Broomstick Limbo
  • Boosical Graves (a Musical Chairs variation)
  • Witch's Broom Pass (a Hot Potato variation)
  • Blind Man's Bluff
  • Pin the Wart on the Witch
  • Putrid Parcel Pass
Finally comes the Wizards Trivia and Challenge Competition. In this event, the group is divided into teams, designated by the Houses of Hogwarts (Griffendor, Slitherin, etc.) and each team, in turn, is asked a trivia question. If they answer correctly, the team gets the point. If incorrect, then the teams engage in a physical challenge to win the point.

These challenges include:
  • Pop the Balloon with your Bum
  • Find the M&M in Whipped Cream
  • Mummy Wrap
  • Witch's Broomstick Race
  • Find the Eyeball in the Goo
  • Scarecrow Race
  • Sorcerer's Spelling Bee
  • Pumpkin Head Race
  • Ghost Race
  • Fling the Mandrake
A party ending with a Treasure Hunt and/or a Piñata is available for an additional charge.

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