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SuperSpy Party
The Spy Chief will lead the "Trainees" in a series of games and activities, designed to "teach" them how to be SuperSpy, for which they receive a variety of prizes.

Of course, the exact nature of the "training" will vary with the age of the "Trainee" group, but the some typical training activities include the following:
    Under the Limbo Stick, through Hula Hoops, etc.

  • SUPERSPY BALLOON TOSS (testing agility and reflexes):
    One Trainee stands in the middle of a circle, throws a balloon into the air and calls the name of another Trainee. The named Trainee must catch the balloon before it hits the floor.

  • SUPERSPY BALLOON TARGET (testing aim):
    Each Trainee is given a balloon and faces the Spy Chief. At the signal, the Trainees throw the balloon at the Chief. If they hit the Chief, they pass the test.

  • RED ROVER (teaching how to break through enemy lines):
    Two teams are formed and they face each other holding hands. One Trainee calls an opposing Trainee's name. The called Trainee must run over and try to break through the enemy's hands. If the mission is unsuccessful, they become part of the other team.

  • INTERROGATION (training to get information):
    Each Trainee has the picture of a celebrity pinned to his/her back. Each Trainees must then ask the others "yes" or "no" questions to figure out who is on his/her back.

  • SUPERSPY SCAVENGER HUNT (developing investigative skills):
    Prior to the party, 5 - 10 items are hidden around the party area. The Trainees are then given clues as to where the items are hidden and they must work as a team to uncover the hidden objects. Once all the items are found, the Trainees "graduate" to Official SuperSpy and are awarded a prize and certificate.
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