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Scavenger Hunt Party
Going on a Scavenger Hunt is a totally awesome way to celebrate your birthday. It's great for boys, girls or both together. It's daring, adventurous, challenging and so much fun you will barely be able to handle it. Here's how it works:
  1. Everyone assembles at a point in a mall (specified in the invitation);

  2. The group is split into two teams and a team leader determined;

  3. Each team decides on a Team Name and creates a cheer;

  4. Each team is given a list of tasks to complete. The team must complete the tasks in the designated time;

  5. At the halfway point, the teams check in at a designated place for a head count, instructions, lunch, etc.;

  6. The first team to complete the list, wins and, as a reward, gets to decide what's for lunch in the mall, where to go for dessert, etc.

  7. The tasks are designed to be challenging, fun and harmless. Typical tasks may include:
    • Find an item with the birthday boy/girl's name on it and take a picture of it (Polaroids provided);
    • Get someone with bright red lipstick to give a team member a kiss on the cheek;
    • Take the team leader's picture with someone who works at the mall.
The end result of the Scavenger Hunt is several hours of fun, games and friendship.

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