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Land and Sea Party
Get together to spend an afternoon on Land & Sea, become immersed in water, while more activities await on dry land. Dave's Cast of Characters Land & Sea Party makes that all happen.

Acitivities include:
    Scatter a variety of items on the bottom of the pool, such as dive rings (pool supply shop), spoons, coins, etc. -- anything that does not float.

    For team play, place two of every item (one for each team). Designate the shallow end of the pool for toddlers and little kids with the deep end for older children and adults. Provide each team with a list of items to retrieve and pencils on a clip board for ease of writing. First team that collects the most things on their list in the allotted time wins; the other team is then the 'salvage team' and has to scour the pool for the remaining stuff.

  • DUCK, DUCK (water version of dodge ball):
    Assemble two teams and designate one as the "Offense" and the other as the "Defense" and position them at opposite ends of the "shallow" part of the pool. A referee with a stop watch on deck is the leader. Supply soft rubber balls or small beach balls. The offense team tries to hit the defense players. An offense team member can retrieve balls, but he must return to the starting position before throwing again. Defensive players must get out of the pool when hit. After all the defense players have been hit, the referee notes the elapsed time and the teams change roles. The team that stays in the water the longest before being hit is the winner.

    Divide everyone into two teams and line up the swimmers in the water on either side of the pool. Dump a basketful of numbered Ping-Pong balls in the center of the pool while the players watch. At the sound of a whistle, both teams scramble to collect as many balls as possible and carry them back to a bucket on their side of the pool. No team member may collect more than one ball at a time. When all the balls have been collected, the numbers on the balls are added up, and the team with the highest score wins.

    Divide eveyone into two teams -- one is known as the Sharks and the other team is known as the Jets. Have both teams line up opposite one another in the middle of the shallow end of the pool with about five (5) feet of open water between them. A referee on the side blows the whistle and yells either "Sharks!" or "Jets!" The team called out must turn and sprint toward its side of the pool, with the other team in hot pursuit. A player tagged by a pursuing Shark or Jet joins the other team. The referee can let the chase continue all the way to the end of the pool --or-- he/she can sound the whistle at anytime to shout out the other team's name so in turn the pursuers are now being chased. Referee should change team names often...

    Gather players in the shallow end of the pool. Define the boundaries of play so that everyone can stand up in the water. Adults should play on their knees! One person is designated as the "IT." At the sound of the whistle, "IT" has one minute to tag as many other players as he can. Once a person is tagged, that player must stand still (freeze) and raise his hand. Before a frozen player can return to action, an unfrozen player must thaw him out by submerging and swimming through his legs. A player cannot be tagged and frozen if he is underwater. At the end of the minute, blow the whistle and designate an unfrozen player as "IT." Keep this game going until everyone has had a chance to be "IT." The winner is whoever has the most frozen players at the end of his stint as "it."

  • CENTIPEDE CRAWL (a swimming game):
    Divide everyone into two teams and form separate lines in the deep end of the pool, with the strongest swimmers in lead positions. Each swimmer holds onto the ankle of his teammate ahead with one hand, leaving his other arm free for a modified sidestroke. At the sound of the whistle, the two "centipedes" wriggle to the other end of the pool and back, each swimmer tagging the far wall with his free foot. If anyone's hand slips, the rest of the centipede has to wait until the link is reestablished.

    Divide everyone into two teams and have them spread out along the gutter at the deep end of the pool. Float two plastic dishpans at the shallow end of the pool corners. In the middle of the pool, distribute two of each variety of fresh fruit from the produce department (bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruit, pears, mangoes, cantaloupes, etc.) At the sound of the whistle, both teams collect one of each fruit and deposit it in a dishpan.

    While it may seem a simple game, Fruit Hoops presents an intriguing strategic choice: Should a team assign each player to a specific fruit to collect and carry to the fruit pan? Or should it designate a team member to swim ahead and be in position to catch and dunk fruit tossed and retrieved by teammates? Whatever each team decides, the first team to collect a complete fruit sampler wins; the other team has to prepare fruit salad for lunch.
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