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Interactive Adult Theatre & Casino Night


Our interactive theatrical experience brings you and your party right to the strip, filled with the sights, sounds and 'characters' you might meet while gambling the night away at your favorite resort! With Casino quality equipment and professional dealers you can play to your heart's content, enjoy a beverage and snack or relax in our Lounge laughing at the Comic or crooning along with our Singer, and of course, dancing is encouraged! Hit the Jackpot! Come to 'Night in Vegas' and party!

Our troop of performers brings a full 3-act play to life at your celebration. During the course of the show, yes, indeed, a ‘murder' is committed and your guests are enlisted to grill the suspects and determine the motive and the murderer! Our Cast of broad characters brings hilarity to the subject at hand making your celebration something that your guests will talk about for months to come.

Shindig Ago-GO is an interactive theatrical extravaganza, bringing you back to a time when American Bandstand reigned supreme. The entertainment is presented by a cast of characters right out of yesteryear. The smooth emcee, the high school gym teacher, the hip DJ, the traditional announcer and more are all there to reproduce the fun and feeling of the era. Let Shindig Ago -GO take you back for a night of dance, music, laughter and memories.

Yes, just like the TV show of the 50's and 60's, we recall the moments, the music, and people of the Honoree's Life. Our staff works with friends and family to gather anecdotes and photos to weave a humorous and touching reminiscence for the celebration. The Honoree receives the enlarged photo posters, the compiled music CD, as well as the commemorative photo album complete with the entire script of the performance.

Our Cast of 'famous' people share their memories and anecdotes about the Guest of Honor. Recounting stories based on information friends and family have shared about the Honoree, our staff creates a comical retrospective sure to amuse and 'roast' the guest!

Test your knowledge of TV, movies, music, sports and a whole lot more. Teams compete to see who knows the most about The Beatles, Mr. Ed, moon landings or the Super Bowl. Categories can be customized to your event or theme. So sharpen your pencils and your wits for a challenging and fun night.