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"Hip-Hop & Happenin' Party"
It's Hip! It's Hop! It's Happenin'! It's totally cool for everyone! Two MTV-type DJ's will make an appearance to kick your party into high gear with kid-friendly pop that really gets them moving.

Depending on the ages of the children, several activities are chosen from among:

    Teaching Dances such as Larger than Life, Genie in Bottle, Freeze Dance, Hands Up, Limbo, Ballet, Cotton-Eyed Joe, and Teddy Bear Hug.

    One child is blindfolded. Music plays while all the others run around room. When the music stops, the child with blindfold must figure out who they're touching. If they guess correctly, the next person is blindfolded.

    Everyone sits in a circle. When the music starts they pass the parcel; when the music stops, whoever holds the parcel removes one layer of wrapping paper and reads the command (ex. count to 30 while three people tickle you) and they must perform it. When the task is completed, they pass the parcel to the music again. The person who takes off the last layer of wrap presents the gift to the birthday child.

    One die has actions (ex. jumping on one foot) and the other die has the performance (ex. sing the national anthem). The player rolls the dice and must perform whatever task is shown.

    Each player gets a piece of gum. They must chew it and then be blindfolded. Whoever pins the gum closest to the Pop stars nose is the winner and gets to keep Poster.

    Groups of three pick their music and then get a few minutes to practice their performance. They will then perform for all of the fans (other party members) in the room.

    The children are broken up into 2 teams for a balloon-popping relay. This can be played in two ways: Pop them with your bum or two people from each team run belly to belly holding balloons and try to burst them together.

  • GRAB IT:
    Everyone sits in a circle. A variety of small items are placed in the middle of the circle. One person makes up a story. Example: A desert island story. If the story taller uses the word "Island" or "Tropical" or "Sand" in the story, each child must pick up an item. The child without an item is out. One item is then removed and they start all over again. If the child telling the story uses the name of one of the other children in the circle in their story that child has 15 seconds to say the name of each child left in the circle. If they do not complete it that person is out.

    The group is broken up into two teams. A sheet is raised between them. One child on either side steps forward. When the sheet is lowered, the first person to shout out the name of the child on the other side gets a point. At the end, the side with the most points wins. (Last names optional)

    Each child is given a sheet of little stickers. When the music begins, the children then run around sticking the stickers to each other. The person with the least stickers when the music stops-Wins!

  • TRUTH or DARE:
    One person starts and picks someone to ask "Truth or Dare" The person must pick one or the other. Truth: she is asked a question and must answer honestly. Dare: she must accept whatever challenge is given.

    One child sits on a chair; another child sits in front of her. The child in front puts the jacket on backwards (without putting arms in sleeves). The child behind puts his or her arms through the arm holes and begins to do the other child's hair and makeup. It should look very messy!

    This is a general trivia contest. Two teams are set and the first team to 25 points wins.

  • HA-HA:
    All children lie in a circle with their heads on the next child's belly. The first child says "HA;" the next child says "HA-HA," the third child says "HA-HA-HA." Each successive child adds one "HA" to the chain. If a person does the wrong number of HA's or starts to laugh, he or she is out.
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