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Dare Challenge Party
Bring the classic game of Dare to your home. We provide the Hosts, the Games, the Props, the Fun and, of course, the Slime! Challenge your kids' minds and physical abilities in the zany world of DARE. First, we divide the group into two teams and have them select a team name. The Host asks a trivia question to the first team. The team has the option to answer the question or DARE the opponents. If they choose to answer and get it right, they win the points. If they DARE the other team, Team 2 then has the same options: answer (for double points) or return the question to the first team with a DARE. Team 1 now must either answer the question (for quadruple points) or take on a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE. The winner of the PHYSICAL CHALLENGE then gets the points.

    Three players from each team kneel at a vat of Slime filled with small animals. Object: search through the slime to find five animals matching your team's color.

    The two teams' captains are fitted with helmets with cups on top. Two team members from each team are stationed at a supply of "orange juice" and, at the signal, fill the captains' helmets. With a full helmet, the captains run to the other end of the course (No Hands!) and pour the "OJ" into a bucket held by another team member. The team that fills the bucket first, wins.

  • M & M FIND:
    Each player is given a plate of whipped cream. Under the whipped cream are a bunch of M&M's - but only ONE green M&M. Object: find the green M&M. Challenge: No hands - mouth only!

    Teams are set in two lines. The players at the head of the lines are given a balloon and must run to the far end of the field and pop the balloon with their rear-ends, run back to the line and tag the next player, who must repeat the process. The team that goes through their entire line first, wins. The catch: the balloons are filled with chocolate sauce!

    Each team surrounds a bowl of Alphabet Soup. At the signal, each team tries to be the first to spell out "Happy Birthday" on an empty plate.

    Teams are set in two lines at each end of the field. The players at the front of one half of the lines are given a egg. At the "GO" signal, they must push the egg WITH THEIR NOSES (no hands, teeth, etc.) to their teammate across the way, who then pushes it back to the group at the starting line. The relay continues until all members of one team have gone - the winners. If an egg breaks, the Host will replace it.
At the end of the game, the team with the most points is declared the winner. Of course, no one really "loses" as everyone gets a variety of prizes.
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