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Berry Girl Party
Get ready to have a berry amazing birthday party with our Berry Girl and her friends. There's Apple Streudel, Ginger Snap, Angel Cake, Orange Blossom and Huckle Berry Boy and most important the official princess of Strawberry Land, sweet and spunky, Berry Girl. She's our special little red head with enough optimism to fill a strawberry patch. So if you're ready for an adventurous birthday hang on to your berries because here we go…

The party begins with Facepainting (optional) the children into their favorite fruit and using our magical fruit spray to make them berry delicious.

Then we sit down in our strawberry patch sing-a-long with lots of finger play games and activities.


Apple Pie Pass - like Hot Potato.

Musical Fruits - like musical chairs but with pictures of fruit.

Strawberry Catch - we toss multi colored balloons in the air and the children try to catch as many as they can. Extra points are awarded for catching the strawberry red balloons.

Pin the Hat on Berry Girl - Like pin the tail on the donkey.

Berry Thief - Everyone in berry land hunts to find the missing berries.

Berry Patch Hunt - A Berry special treasure hunt for all to enjoy.

…and don't forget our limbo and parachute!

Then Berry Girl takes the children on a berry exciting birthday storybook adventure. Complete with a custom story designed around the birthday child.
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