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American Girl Tea Party
What could be better than having American Girls present at a tea party for your children? Our American Girls will lead the group in a series of fun activities centered around a classic old-time Tea Party.

Invite your guests - along with their favorite dolls - to the party. When they arrive, they will be greeted by our American Girls, who will get the ball rolling by dressing the girls up in "proper" tea party fashion: hats, jewelry & fashion gloves.

Once everyone is decked out in their finery, the girls will be led in a series of activities, selected from:
  • Story Time: Act out and tell an American Girls story
  • American Girl Sing-Along
  • Musical Teacups: A Musical Chairs variation
  • Pass the Teapot: A Hot Potato variation
  • Pin the Tea Cookie on the Cookie Plate
  • Painting Class
  • Maypole Dance
  • Tea Drinking Lesson
At the end of the party, each child will receive a Polaroid picture of herself, all dressed up, with her favorite doll. Ask us about our specialized American Girl Tea Party favors.

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